Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions apply to all reservations for tent rentals with FarmCamps B.V. (located at Kerkstraat 14, 1404 HH, Bussum, The Netherlands, hereinafter referred to as "FarmCamps") and exclusively affiliated FarmCamps locations (hereinafter referred to as “Camp").

A binding agreement exists between yourself and FarmCamps for a tent reservation when (i) you have agreed to our reservation terms and conditions and (ii) you have received a reservation confirmation (either by telephone or through the FarmCamps website).

1. Holiday Reservations

1.1 Booking your holiday

You can reserve your holiday either online or by telephone. Payment for your holiday is part of the reservation process. 50% of the total reservation amount is required to be paid at the point of booking your holiday, payment can be made via credit card or bank transfer. The remainder must be paid no later than 10 weeks prior to your arrival and must be paid by credit card via www.myfarmcamps.nl. Failure to pay the remainder on time will result in your reservation being cancelled. If your reservation is for an arrival date within 10 weeks of booking your holiday then the full reservation amount must be paid immediately upon booking online. Both you and FarmCamps. B.V. are bound by a confirmed reservation. Upon completing a reservation, either by telephone or online, you will receive a confirmation email with all your reservation details. Please check these details carefully on www.myfarmcamps.nl and make changes where needed. If you do not receive your confirmation email within 24 hours of completing your reservation, please contact FarmCamps immediately.

1.2 Right to Withdraw

FarmCamps advises you that a confirmed reservation is legally binding. There is no so-called cooling off period or right to withdraw.

1.3 Lead Booker

The Lead Booker (the person making the reservation) should be over the age of 21 at the time of making the reservation. He or she is liable to notify all fellow guests of important reservation details. All correspondence is conducted through the (email) address of the Lead Booker only.

1.4 Maximum authorized persons

Adding extra guests, other than the specified amount indicated on the reservation (including children and babies), or an amount that exceeds the maximum number of people allowed by FarmCamps for the tent you have reserved is not allowed. The site administrator can refuse entry in this case for additional guests other than those confirmed in the reservation. It is however allowed to receive visitors during your holiday. These visitors are subject to prior approval from the site administrator and an additional payment fee per person, per day, is to be paid directly to the site administrator.

1.5 Term

The rental period is agreed during the reservation process. It starts at 15.00 on the first day of your holiday and ends at 10.00 on the last day of your holiday. A short weekend stay ends on Sunday at 17.00.

2. Cancellation or Change

It is possible you need to cancel your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case you must notify FarmCamps via email or telephone (during office hours). Cancellations or changes will in many cases involve additional costs.

2.1 Cancellations

If you need to cancel your holiday you are liable to forfeit the following amounts depending on the timing of your cancellation (including reservation charges): (i) if you cancel more than 40 days prior to your arrival date: 50% of the tent rental costs (ii) if you cancel between 40 and 7 days before your arrival date: 75% of the tent rental costs (iii) if you cancel within 7 days of your arrival date: 100% of the total cost of your holiday; (iv) last minute cancellation will result in 100% of total cost of your holiday. FarmCamps, where appropriate, will arrange a refund to a bank account specified by you within two weeks of the cancellation date.

2.2 Changes

After the completion of your reservation it is possible to make certain changes within 24 hours via www.myfarmcaps.nl. These include (i) booking additional services or activities and (ii) changing your personal details. If you need to add an additional guest then extra costs will be incurred. These charges need to be paid online via www.myfarmcamps.nl. You are able to change the dates of your holiday up to four weeks in advance of your arrival date and subject to availability. An administration fee of €32.50 will be charged.

2.2.1 Change of Lead Booker

If you need to change the Lead Booker of your party then this is possible and is subject to a change in reservation cost of €32.50. A change in Lead Booker should always be made over the telephone (during office hours) to FarmCamps and be communicated by the original Lead Booker. Settlements for monies already paid for the Lead Booker need to be settled personally.

2.3 Cancellation by FarmCamps

In case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, FarmCamps may cancel the reservation before your arrival date. Unforeseen circumstances and force majeure is understood, among other things, to include the destination property being in such a condition that it is no longer suitable for tent rental (for example flooding, forest fires). This also applies if the reservation cannot be fulfilled due to a sudden termination in operations with the Camp (either on its own initiative, or FarmCamps) for example. FarmCamps will contact you directly informing you of the reason, either by telephone or by email. You will be offered a similar property at the same cost in this case. If you do not agree with the offered alternative, FarmCamps will proceed to arrange an immediate refund of all monies paid. FarmCamps is not liable for any damage whatsoever arising from such a cancellation.

3. Financial Arrangements

3.1 Total costs

The sum total of your reservation includes the rental price displayed on the website and in your reservation confirmation email for your selected tent(s). The price includes consumption of electricity, water and gas together with required taxes and one free package per household for the agreed period. In addition, extra services and activities can be added prior to your holiday or, where appropriate, on the spot (on the spot additions need to be paid for directly to the Camp). For information on how to book additional services see www.myfarmcamps.nl.

3.2 Other costs

There is a mandatory reservation fee of €25.00 per booking. Other costs include the cost of linen (€6.00 per person), end of stay cleaning (€20.00 for a tent without a bathroom and €30.00 for a tent with bathroom) and tax. The amount of tax due depends on which municipality the Camp is located in and the number of guests staying at least one night in the tent.

4. Travel Information

4.1 Arrival and Departure

On the day of arrival you can check in from 15:00. On the day of departure you are required to leave the tent by 10:00 am (departures on Sundays are from 17:00). On arrival at the Camp, the Lead Booker must report to the site administrator. The latter will welcome you and carry out the check in tasks. Upon departure, the Lead Booker is to sign out before leaving, allowing the site administrator to perform checkout tasks.

Please review our Camp descriptions where it details whether your chosen Camp allows you to bring a dog or not. If you wish to bring a dog you must include this information in your reservation. If you wish to bring a dog, then only one dog per tent is allowed. The fee for bringing a dog is €20.00 extra for the end of stay cleaning of the tent.

5. Complaints

We distinguish between complaints made before your holiday and complaints regarding your stay.

5.1 A complaint made prior to your holiday

These include complaints about the reservation process, our website and information or services provided by FarmCamps. These complaints can be reported by telephone (during office hours) or by email to FarmCamps. We aim to respond to all complaints made within two business days and to keep you informed of any eventual outcomes or settlements.

5.2 A complaint made during your holiday

If you have a complaint about the tent, the services or the facilities provided at our Camps, then you first need to address these directly with the site administrator to enable an immediate resolution. If a resolution cannot be found, please contact FarmCamps as soon as possible. We aim to resolve all issues as quickly as possible and to keep you fully informed.

5.3 Deadline for complaints

Your complaint must be filed within one month after the end of your holiday and in writing to FarmCamps. Complaints submitted after the deadline are not taken into consideration.

6. Liability and Bylaws

6.1 Liability and (personal) risk

FarmCamps is not liable for loss and / or theft (including monetary), any damage to property, any damage or injury to you or your fellow guests during your stay at any of our affiliated Camps. Further, FarmCamps is not liable for nuisance damage caused by environmental factors such as noise or odor in any form whatsoever. The use of all the facilities and services offered by FarmCamps on our affiliated Camps is always at your own risk. Where FarmCamps in any way fails in its offerings, liability is limited to the total sum received for the holiday. In case of force majeure, such as forest fires or animal disease which can be dangerous to humans and animals, and as such you are forced to leave your tent or camping pitch, FarmCamps is not bound to repay the sum received for the holiday.

6.2 Bylaws

To ensure everyone enjoys a pleasant holiday with FarmCamps, all guests are requested to adhere to the current Camp bylaws. Violation of the rules described in the above document may result in you being removed from the Camp. There will be no compensation offered by FarmCamps and FarmCamps holds the right to claim compensation from you for any damage caused. During your stay you are responsible for any damage caused by you and your fellow guests to the tent, the contents of the tent and any damage to the Camps connected facilities and services (including the animals).

7. Other

7.1 Dutch Law

Dutch law applies to the contract agreed between you and FarmCamps when renting a tent.

7.2 Change of conditions, supply and documentation

FarmCamps has the right to change its booking terms and unilaterally change its offerings and will always publish the latest relevant information on its website (www.farmcamps.nl).

7.3 Obvious errors

Any obvious mistakes or errors to the FarmCamps website or supporting documentation is not binding. FarmCamps takes no responsibility in the accuracy of third party information and their offerings.