Pony Cuddles with FarmCampsPony Cuddles with FarmCamps

Sometimes life isn’t fair and you are just a little too young to do it all…but we already thought about that! If you are pony mad but still a bit too young to ride then you will surely love unlimited pony cuddling and grooming instead! It’s the ideal package for your mini pony mad farmer!

De SmulhoeveDe Smulhoeve

The ponies at FarmCamps De Smulhoeve just love to be hugged, stroked, groomed and walked. Everyone is happy! You get your 'own' Shetlander which you can pamper and take for walks around the yard. Ideal for young children and riders in the making.

  •   From ± 4 years (always together with a parent)

  • €40 per weekend | €60 per midweek | €90 per week

Five StarFive Star

Farmer Jan will teach you all about caring for your pony. Every day you can groom your Shetland pony or miniature horse, take them out for a graze in the pasture or a short half hour walk for exercise. You can also help Farmer Jan when he gives lessons to other children. The focus isn’t all about riding here, but understanding the care and love every pony needs to be happy!

  • From ± 4 years (always together with a parent)

  • €40 per weekend | €60 per midweek | €90 per week

De Verloren KostDe Verloren Kost

At FarmCamps De Verloren Kost you can do almost anything with your ‘cuddle pony’; take him or her out to the meadow, or for a tour round the yard, feed and walk him or even take your pony to visit your tent! The only thing you can’t do is riding, for this you need to book a lesson.

  • From 4+ years (always with parents)

  • €40 per weekend | €60 per midweek | €90 per week