The ponies cannot wait – and neither can you!The ponies cannot wait – and neither can you!

If you are pony mad and want nothing more than to spend time with your favorite four-legged friend then look no further. With several activities for you to choose from, FarmCamps makes your holiday complete and caters for everything! Discover below which activities are your favorite and be sure to book early!

Choose any activity you like best!Choose any activity you like best!

Care for your ‘own’ pony Care for your ‘own’ pony

Always wanted your own pony? Well, now you can! Including a one hour lesson every day, you will also be responsible for your ‘own’ pony during your stay. You will take care of your pony including: grooming, feeding, mucking out the stable and putting your pony out to graze.

  • Riding, feeding, grooming, mucking out the stable and putting your pony out to graze

  • From 4 years old

  • From €70 per weekend. Available at two farms

Riding lessonsRiding lessons

On three of our farms you can take riding lessons. Both experienced and non-experienced riders are welcome to improve their riding skills at FarmCamps.

  • Riding lessons with a trained and / or certified riding instructor

  • From 6 years old. Younger than 6? Then please enquire

  • From €7,50 per half hour

  • Available at four farms

Pony cuddlingPony cuddling

Sometimes you're just a little too young to be able ride and care for your ‘own’ pony. But at FarmCamps we found a great solution – all the ponies at our farms love to be cuddled, groomed and taken for walks.

  • Under parent supervision: grooming, putting out to graze, walking and especially cuddling!

  • Starting from ± 3 years old

  • From €40 per weekend

  • Available at one farm

Pony walkingPony walking

Fancy a beautiful stroll with a lovely pony at your side? Take a meander through the Dutch polders or natural dunes with one of our friendly ponies then.

  • Take a walk together with a parent through the local countryside

  • From ± 4 years old

  • From €10 per hour

  • Available at three farms

Bring your own horseBring your own horse

If you already have your own four-legged friend then of course you don’t want to leave them at home! On a few of your farms you are able to bring your own horse – making sure you won’t miss each other during holiday time!

  • €15 per day, including a stable, straw bedding, hay, water, biscuits/pellets and outdoor grazing (depending on farm)

  • Available at three farms

  • Please check availability before you book your holiday

Riding for adultsRiding for adults

It’s not only kids that get a kick out of learning to ride a horse. Why not join the hack across the dunes or through the forest at De Breehees or De Smulhoeve or take a few lessons at BoeBaDoe or Fleur Stables – it’s fun for the whole family.

  • Especially for parents

  • Availability depends on the farm From €25 per person

  • Available at two farms

Pony Diploma Package Pony Diploma Package

In just a few lessons you’ll discover whether horseback riding is for you. Together with learning the basics to caring for your pony or horse, you will of course also get to ride them (either indoors or outdoors).

  • You go home with a pony diploma, a nice gift and a great experience

  • From 6 years old

  • From €75 per weekend or €100 per midweek

  • Available at one farm only

Pony VIP packagePony VIP package

If you book the Pony VIP Package then you will have a session every morning, including fun games too. The days are organized so that you either have a pony riding lesson, or you learn about caring for the pony, or you play games with the ponies.

  • Includes a Pony Diploma and your own grooming bag complete with your first set of grooming brushes

  • From €22,50 for a weekend

  • You can chose from a Shetland pony, a Haflinger, a ‘B-pony’ (117 to 127 cm) or an ‘E-pony’ (148 to 157 cm)

  • Available at one farm only