A cuddle-tastic time
during the
May school holiday!

May school holidays at FarmCampsMay school holidays at FarmCamps

May school holidays in The Netherlands fall early this year – pretty close to Easter in fact, so the chances are you are already looking for something to do with your free time. This is the perfect time to escape to the country and spend some time outdoors with the family.

Treat yourself to some pure luxury with one of our Safari, FarmLodge, Ranch or Barn Tents – a true glamping experience – and all this in The Netherlands!

In 2019, the official May school holiday period runs from April 26th to May 6th, and our farmers are looking forward to a welcoming you on their farms.

Boredom? What’s that?Boredom? What’s that?

A farm adventure wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t also learn a thing or two about how farms work and what skills you need to run a farm. Thankfully, all our farmers love to personally ensure you get the full experience.

Maybe one day you will be out in the pasture bringing the cows in at milking time or another day you might be learning to sheer a sheep (FarmCamps Mariekerk)! And don’t forget all the animals that need cuddling! From ponies to rabbits to goats to chickens! Maybe you have had all the animal cuddles you can take and instead fancy a workshop with the Farmer’s wife. Here you can learn all sorts of new things like making ice-cream from fresh milk and baking the best cookies you have ever tasted!

So, get ready to cook, bake, cuddle or do some crafting too! Afterwards, let off some steam on the swings, trampolines and go-karts or settle down to a nice board game from the well-stocked toy chest in your tent!

So much to do!

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