Practical & deliciousPractical & delicious

Looking for ultimate relaxation? Well look no further because Farmer’s wife Durkje is up and about at the crack of dawn and happy to deliver breakfast to your tent! Or maybe you fancy an evening BBQ? Not to worry, Duurkje will organise this for you. And of course there is always the small on-site farm shop where you can pick up your basics and a few treats. Every day Durkje bakes fresh bread that you can order at the reception – now that’s handy!

No one likes going home with a bag of dirty washing, so we recommend you order the towel bundle and rent some genuine FarmCamp overalls for the kids. Your mini-farmers will not only look great but their clothes will not get so dirty either!

You can order all your extras at the point of booking, but if you are not sure yet don’t worry, you can also order them on the spot.

Breakfast in TentBreakfast in Tent

A deliciously fresh farmers breakfast delivered to your tent including fresh bread, milk, juice, eggs (you cook these to your own liking) and of course a variety of condiments.

Big Farmers € 8.50 p.p. Mini-Farmers € 5.50 p.p.

A farmers market BBQA farmers market BBQ

Treat yourself to a tasty farmers BBQ including local artisan meats, salads, bread and sauces and of course it wouldn’t be complete without a treat for the kids. The barbecue (charcoal or gas) is included in the price.

If the weather isn’t on your side or you are not a fan of BBQs, why not opt for a raclette grill instead? Farmers Wife Durkje happily arranges everything for you including the raclette grill and sourcing delicious meat, breads, sauces and salads.

Big Farmers €18.00 p.p. Mini-Farmers €8.00 p.p.

Local SpecialtyLocal Specialty

Stolwijkse Cheese

Did you know that Stolwijk is famous for its Stolwijkse cheese? And that they also make delicious (herbed) cheese fondue? You can order a complete cheese fondue package with Farmers Wife Durkje including baguette bread, mixed salads and of course a fondue set.

Big Farmers €18 p.p. Mini-Farmers €8 p.p.

Hey! That’s handy!

  • Baby bundles 

No need to lug around your own baby gear! This package includes a baby bed, high chair and a changing mat. Don’t forget to bring your baby’s own bed linen though. €16 per package. 

  • FarmCamp Mini-Farmers Overalls

Not only will your mini-farmers look very cool in these red overalls but you’ll be sure their clothes don’t get ruined! €7.50 per overall.

  • Towel bundles 

Includes 1 x large and 1 x small, thick white towel. Perfect for leaving washing behind at the end of your holiday! €5 per package.

  • A welcoming bed

For €5 per bed we’ll make sure your beds are ready and waiting for you. Fall into them as soon as you arrive and let the relaxation begin!