Experience the beauty of typically Dutch landscape!Experience the beauty of typically Dutch landscape!

Surrounded by exceptional peace and tranquility, here you can discover the true beauty of typical Dutch polder landscape together with Farmer Wilco and Farmer’s wife Durkje. Imagine looking out from your tent over open meadows, watching the grazing sheep and cows while spotting a few birds too! As you sit back and relax in peace and quiet, your mini-farmers will be splashing away to their hearts content at the on-site water playground.

In poor weather don’t be surprised to watch your mini-farmers popping off to play in the large play attic or starting a spontaneous hay fight in the Hay-Hay! Play Barn. For those who prefer a hug to rumble-tumble play, there are plenty of bunnies waiting for you at the large Cuddle Barn. In the dairy, Farmer Wilco takes his time to teach your mini-farmers how to milk a cow, while Farmers Wife Durkje shows your mini-farmers how to make delicious ice-cream from fresh dairy milk.

Located in the heart of Holland, close to international airports, this is an unforgettably beautiful part of The Netherlands. On Sundays, the farming family at Stolkse Weide spend time alone with their loved ones so please note that there are no extra organized activities. But this doesn’t stop you playing and cuddling to your heart’s content with the animals.

Farmyard furriesFarmyard furries

  • 100 cows and calves
  • Cindy the farm dog 
  • 30 sheep and lambs 
  • Goats 
  • Rabbits and cats 
  • Chickens and ducks

Farmyard frillsFarmyard frills

  • Milking cows with farmer Wilco 
  • Make your own ice cream with Farmer’s wife Durkje 
  • Outdoor water playground 
  • Indoor play area 
  • Brand new bathing facilities 
  • A cozy recreation room 
  • Stunning open views 

Review anonymousReview anonymous

“Truly enjoyable. This was our 2nd FarmCamp experience”