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Oranjepolder is situated right in the middle of the gorgeous Veerse Meer lake and the town of Middelburg, on the Zeeuwse Walcheren “Island.” This area of land which is named the Oranjepolder (polder means reclaimed land) was reclaimed in 1618. It is within this area of reclaimed land that you will find the national treasure and monument of Oranjepolder farm, which is now home to farmer Sentine and her husband Gavin. This listed farm was formerly a royal estate belonging to the House of Orange no less!

At Oranjepolder you can choose between 2 types of luxurious tents. There are 4 luxury Safari tents with their own private toilet. The showers are located in the former pigsty which has been transformed into a modern heated shower block. There are also 4 luxurious Barn tents with private toilet, bath and wait for it…….., a dishwasher in the fully kitted out kitchen. It’s going to be hard to choose!

Glamping in ZeelandGlamping in Zeeland

This FarmCamps farm is situated on a quiet road surrounded by fields. Veerse Meer lake is less than 2km away: a great location for swimming and watersports. With its shallow shore it is particularly suitable to families with children.

The farmyard houses the family’s residential building and a huge barn. To the rear and adjacent to the monumental barn are 4 fields. The quiet field at the rear is where you will find the 8 luxurious Safari and Barn tents which look out onto wide panoramic views of arable farmland.

The front and centre fields are reserved for private camping emplacements. This is also where you find the playground so the children are never far away and always safely in sight.