Sleep like a King at FarmCamps OranjepolderSleep like a King at FarmCamps Oranjepolder

Meet Charlotte, Gavin and their three children Jacob, Alice and Tobias. This lovely couple met on a construction site in Middelburg where Gavin was the archaeologist and she the trainee. Now they are the proud residents of one of the largest historical farmhouses on Walcheren, which for centuries has been leased out as a royal estate of the House of Orange. In 1990 it became the property of Sentine’s parents Jo and Tineke, who developed the farm and campsite into what it is today. Even though Sentine took over in 2017 you will definitely still see Jo and Tineke help out around the farm.

You will become familiar with the sight of Farmer Sentine and will most likely spot her around the farm carrying out her daily chores. If she is not found out in the fields growing wheat, potatoes, sugar beet, onions or corn, she is busy with the campsite and her guests. Gavin still works as an archaeologist so you may see a little less of him on the farm, but during the holidays he likes to take out his magic metal detector to find treasures in the fields together with the kids. How cool is that!

And it does not stop here. How about the pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, geese, cats and rabbits that have to be fed? Or race endlessly across the yard with one of the many go-karts or bikes? And when the weather is nice you can be at the Veerse Meer Lake or one of the beautiful beaches of Walcheren, although we suspect it is quite possible that you may not leave the grounds of this hugely hospitable and beautiful farm!

Farmyard FurriesFarmyard Furries

  • The cats: Knoet, Kootje, Lilly, Max, Mimi
  • The three goats Sam, Moos and Sjakie
  • The grey goose Akka and the white geese Yksi, Kaksi and Kolme.
  • Rabbits Blanca, Wolkje, Regen en Vlok.
  • The ten chicken and two roosters, Napoleon and Godzilla.
  • A little herd sheep and lambs.
  • Two pigs.

Farmyard frillsFarmyard frills

  • Ride on trailer
  • Hay Hay Play barn
  • One of the most beautiful and biggest farms on Walcheren (national monument!).
  • Bake your own ‘Zeeuwse bolus’ and enjoy it.
  • Beautiful and unobstructed views of the fields around the farm.
  • Near Veerse Meer lalke and many stunning beaches

Review Maat FamilyReview Maat Family

"We had a very nice vacation. Farmer Sentine and her family are very friendly and hospitable. Oranjepolder really is a great experience. A lot of nice things to do on the campsite, a lot of other children and everything is clean and well maintained.”