Bathing in luxury at FarmCamps Op FlakkeeBathing in luxury at FarmCamps Op Flakkee

At this modern dairy farm on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee, it’s not only you that enjoys pure luxury for the cows here are treated like royal princesses. Farmer Huibert, his wife Annet and their four children Corens, Annelie, William and Marijn run this unique dairy farm together where their cows are at leisure to choose whether they prefer the bright and spacious cowshed complete with real ‘cow mattresses’ or roaming the lush, green pastures. This alternative way of dairy farming not only produces happy and relaxed cows but the results can also be seen in the prices at the Hellevoetsluis show ring.

Besides the love for his animals, Farmer Huibert is also passionate about the environment. The newly built farmhouse (2010) is complete with solar panels and energy efficient lighting in the barn, making the farm completely energy neutral in terms of electricity. He also produces his own cow fodder from corn and grass which then re-grows on the farmland thanks to the manure from the cows. A beautiful circle of life.

The farm is located in a beautiful and peaceful area on the island, in the middle of a polder and a stone's throw away from the Haringvliet nature reserve and the charming town of Middelharnis. Despite its natural beauty, the island itself is not yet overwhelmed by tourism. Surrounded by water from the Haringvliet, the Grevelingen lake and of course the North Sea, there are more than 25 kilometers of coastline so you can always find a peaceful spot on the water.

If you are looking for a unique dairy farm experience in a quiet, beautiful area where you can enjoy a spot of island life then look no further – FarmCamps Op Flakkee has it all.

Farmyard FurriesFarmyard Furries

  • 150 dairy cows 
  • 80 calves 
  • Shetland ponies Appel, Bobo and Rocky
  • Farm dog Puck
  • The goats Guurtje, Yoki and Bambi 
  • Cats
  • A lot of bunnies to cuddle with

Farmyard FrillsFarmyard Frills

  • Milking the cows  
  • Feeding the calves and small animals 
  • Large playground 
  • Cuddling with ponies
  • Hay! Hay! Play Barn
  • Super cool treehouse 
  • Close to the beach and Grevelingen Lake

Review Baks - De Jong familyReview Baks - De Jong family

“For the 2nd time we spent a midweek on one of your FarmCamps farms with, now three grandchildren. Once again we thoroughly enjoyed it”.