The other Zeeland...The other Zeeland...

Everyone has heard of the Dutch province of Zeeland, but did you know that there is another place called Zeeland? This beautiful village is located in North-Brabant, close to Uden and in an area that is largely undiscovered by tourists. It’s here that you can find the Stroeken family: Farmer Peter and his wife Monique and their three children Cas (14), Melle (11) and Loes (9). Together they run their dairy farm where, every day, 85 cows are milked and 60 calves and young cows reside.

It’s easy to find yourself relaxing in this particularly beautiful spot. The farm is at the end of a cul-de-sac near a beautiful forest so there is no passing traffic or disturbing noise to worry about. Even when you are arriving you find yourself at peace immediately as the birds chirp away and cows take a rest in the meadow or in the barn.

Here you will also experience the hospitality which Brabant is so well known for. Farmer Peter will teach you all about dairy farming, while Farmer’s Wife Monique will show your mini-farmers how to make delicious popsicles from fresh cows milk. It might be everyday life for the farmers here but for you it will be the mecca of rest and relaxation. A truly beautiful life on a stunning farm in Zeeland!

Farmyard FurriesFarmyard Furries

  • 85 dairy cows
  • 60 calves 
  • Saar the farm dog 
  • Siep and Kaatje the goats 
  • Lots of cats and kittens 
  • Rabbits

Farmyard FrillsFarmyard Frills

  • Help out with Farmer Peter 
  • Indoor Hay! Hay! Play Barn 
  • Taking care of the calves 
  • Rabbit cuddles 
  • Situated next to a forest

Review Van der Mussele familyReview Van der Mussele family

“It was nice, relaxing and enjoyable! Well-equipped tent, small scale play equipment for the kids, fun in the mud kitchen… Warm welcome by Monique and Peter! During the week we had fun activities like a tractor ride, making ice cream, getting the cows from the meadow, finding eggs. Fab!”