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    A tip top time at FarmCamps Noorderwaard in TexelA tip top time at FarmCamps Noorderwaard in Texel

    Farmer Hans Smit, his wife Alphine and their grown-up children Cornelis (21 years old) and Renette (19 years old) invite you to come and spend a fabulous holiday on the island of Texel. Even though Texel is a popular tourist destination, there are many quiet and secluded spots, especially in the north east of the island where Family Smit’s farm is located. Within walking distance from the Wadden Sea and two stunning nature areas, this FarmCamps site boasts all the natural beauty, peace and tranquility that Texel has to offer. Just 15 minutes away you’ll discover the hustle and bustle of its two charming towns: Den Burg and De Koog.

    A great holiday on this island is always guaranteed, but to make it something extra special we recommend a stay on Family Smit’s arable farm. What could be more typically Dutch than surrounding yourself with fields of beautiful flowering bulbs in Spring or getting stuck in with harvesting and peeling as many as 3 million tulip bulbs in the Summer? After spending your holiday at FarmCamps Noorderward, you can be sure your kids will know exactly where that delightful bunch of tulips on your table at home has come from! Farmer Hans also grows sugar beets, wheat and barley; and speaking of barley, don’t forget to taste and buy the famous Texel specialty – Skuumkoppe beer.

    Farmer’s Wife Alphine adores her three horses that also live on the farm. You can often see her out and about in her beautiful horse-drawn carriage which she competes in too. The horses love to be petted and admired, but cannot be ridden by guests.

    So come to Texel, relax and enjoy this unique farming adventure. Your trip already begins with a short ferry crossing, costing just €37.50 for a return trip including your car. Texel is the largest of the North Sea islands in The Netherlands and the crossing is just 30 minutes from the mainland.

    Farmyard furriesFarmyard furries

    • Boris, the farm dog
    • Hugo, the mild tempered horse 
    • Keen, the playful teenage horse 
    • Fabiola, the sweet shetland pony
    • Cats
    • Rabbits

    Farmyard frillsFarmyard frills

    • Bulb peeling with Farmer Hans (only in July)
    • Cuddling with pony Fabiola
    • Rabbit cuddles 
    • Hay! Hay! Play Barn
    • Go-Karts 
    • Wadden Sea within walking distance 
    • The joy of an island holiday

    Reviews for FarmCamps NoorderwaardReviews for FarmCamps Noorderwaard

    "Right now we are working hard with preparing everything on the farm to receive our first guests in Easter 2017. That’s why we do not have many pictures of the site yet but please feel free to book and be assured that this is a stunning place to relax and have great fun with your family."