Finding out is fun!

No farm adventure would be complete without learning a thing or two from the professionals. Farmer Jan and farmer Sam take this very personally! So you can expect to join Farmer Jan to learn how he milks and shears his sheep together with helping to feed the lambs, rabbits and other animals.

If you are more in the mood to play then you won’t be disappointed! Here you’ll find go-karting, trampolines and a sand pit great for building sand castles. Here there are no rules – just enjoy yourself!

Farmer's PassportFarmer's Passport

During check-in all children are offered a Farmer’s Passport from FarmCamps. These are loaded with fun and educational activities which they can do independently or together with their farmer. Your mini-farmers can discover and experience real life on a farm.

For each completed task they will receive a stamp in their Farmer’s Passport. When their work is done they will graduate with their own farmhand diploma!

Farm ToursFarm Tours

During your stay Farmer Jan will show you the ropes with a guided tour of the farm. He will share with you the pleasure they get from working the land and raising their livestock.

Experience this unique chance to go where only farmers dare to go and soak up the special stories they´ll share with you about the farm they love and care for.

Rubbing shoulders with the farmers

  • Creative time with the Farmers’ Wife 

In this creative workshop together with Lydia you can make a little sheep to take home from real sheep’s wool. €5.50 p.p.

  • Farmer’s Table

During a cozy ‘Zeeuws’ style coffee hour with unlimited coffee, tea and squash and a delicious local sweet treat, you can chat with and get to know the Farmer’s family, ask them your questions and listen to their stories.€ 5 p.p.

  • Sheep Shearing

The sheep on the farm need to be regularly sheared. Fancy trying it out for yourself? They why not join Farmer Jan and earn your sheep shearing diploma! €5 p.p.

  • Tractor ride

Now how cool would that be: a ride on a huge real tractor! Farmer Jan takes the kids out for a spin every week. An unforgettable experience.

Rubbing shoulders with each otherRubbing shoulders with each other

  •  Care for your "own" bunny

Have your kids been asking you to get them a pet but you are concerned whether they will be able to take care of it? Why not let them try it while on holiday at FarmCamps De Kamperhoek? Following a thorough explanation from Farmer Huub, your mini-farmers can choose their own bunny. They will then take him or her back to the tent and look after it for the duration of the stay. Fun and educational! €10 per stay. 

  • Cycling

What better way is there to soak up the beautiful landscape than to take a lovely bike ride from the farm. Luckily you can hire a range of bikes on the farm. There are electric bikes, children’s bikes and even the popular Babboe box bike, perfect for packing everything in for a family trip to the beach. Starting at € 4

  • Corn Maze Farmer

Jan has been busy and built a corn maze where you can spend hours of fun trying to find your way through. Please note: the corn is only high enough to create the maze from end of June through till September. Free entry.

  • Wild flower garden

Are you celebrating something special or do you just want to tell someone you love them? Opposite the farm you can pick your own wild flowers. €0,20 per stalk.

Outdoor fun!Outdoor fun!

  • Petting and cuddle corner 
  • Hay! Hay! play barn
  • Outdoor play pool 
  • Tractor-tyre tower 
  • Corn maze 
  • Trampolines
  • Go-karting
  • Swings 
  • Sand-pit 
  • Toddler playground 
  • Football field 
  • Table tennis