Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheepLittle Bo-Peep has lost her sheep

If counting sheep is your way of getting to sleep then look no further than here. It’s doubtful that you’ll count them all though as there are more than 200 sheep milked daily by Farmers Jan, Sam and farmerwomen Lydia and Anne. ‘The cow jumps over the moon’ here to taste their delicious homemade cheese and yogurt made with sheep milk!

Alongside the countless sheep and lambs here you’ll also discover the mighty Blonde d’Aquitaine breed of cattle – a sight to behold indeed. 

This farm is just 10 minutes away from one of the many Walcheren coast beaches, including the well-known resort of Domburg but you don’t need to leave the farm on glorious sunny days because the kids can also cool down and enjoy themselves at the on-site outdoor water playground.

On Sundays, the farming family at Mariekerk spend time alone with their loved ones so please note that there are no organized activities.

Farmyard furriesFarmyard furries

  • 200 dairy sheep and many lambs 
  • 50 stunning cattle and calves 
  • Jet the pony and Cajen the horse
  • Devin and Bo the farm dogs 
  • Two Scottish Highlander cows 
  • Goats and bunnies 
  • Many cats and kittens 
  • Chickens and ornamental ducks

Farmyard frillsFarmyard frills

  • Watch the sheep being milked 
  • Sheer your own sheep 
  • Lovely farm shop 
  • Home produced cheese, yogurt & meat 
  • Outdoor water playground 
  • Hay! Hay! Play Barn
  • Beaches within cycling distance 
  • Domburg nearby

Review Zijlmans familyReview Zijlmans family

"Our FarmCamps holiday was our best holiday ever! It was amazing! Despite the cold and wet weather, the farmer and his wife and children gave us a warm welcome and super hospitality - they gave us a wonderful experience. We really enjoyed it. Thank you! "