Finding out is fun!Finding out is fun!

No farm adventure would be complete without learning a thing or two from the professionals. Farmer Barend and his wife Tineke, take this very personally! So you can expect to join Farmer Barend every day when he gets to work milking the cows and you can feed the other animals. Ever wondered how to make ice-cream from fresh milk? Well Farmer Barend will show you how; of course you will also be able to taste it!

If you are more in the mood to play then you won’t be disappointed! Here you’ll find go-karting, trampolines and a super tractor tyre tower for climbing. Or why not join your new farm friends to build a hut in the Hay! Hay! Play Barn? Here there are no rules – just enjoy yourself!

Farmers PassportFarmers Passport

During check-in all children are offered a Farmer’s Passport from FarmCamps. These are loaded with fun and educational activities which they can do independently or together with their farmer. Your mini-farmers can discover and experience real life on a farm.

For each completed task they will receive a stamp in their Farmer’s Passport. When their work is done they will graduate with their own farmhand diploma!

Farm ToursFarm Tours

During your stay Farmer Barend will show you the ropes with a guided tour of the farm. He will share with you the pleasure they get from working the land and raising their livestock.

Experience this unique chance to go where only farmers dare to go and soak up the special stories they´ll share with you about the farm they love and care for.

Rubbing shoulders with the farmersRubbing shoulders with the farmers

  • Learn to make custard with the Farmers’ Wife 

Together with Tineke you will learn how to make delicious custard from fresh farm milk and eggs – and of course you will get to taste it too! €5.50 p.p.

  • Trailer Tour 

Farmer Barend will take you on a unique tour on his tractor trailer to see the nearby beauty spots in the Ruinen woods. Big farmers €5, Mini-farmers €3.50

  • Pony riding

This farm has 2 sweet, old ponies who love to be cuddled and brushed. You can also take them for a walk, or even ride them on the farm.

Rubbing shoulders with each otherRubbing shoulders with each other

  • Care for your "own" bunny

Have your kids been asking you to get them a pet but you are concerned whether they will be able to take care of it? Why not let them try it while on holiday at FarmCamps Hoeve Sonneclaer? Following a thorough explanation from Farmer's wife Tineke, your mini-farmers can choose their own bunny. They will then take him or her back to the tent and look after it for the duration of the stay. Fun and educational! €10 per stay.

  • Cycling

You can hire bikes from the farm and take a delightful ride through the Drente countryside. You can also opt for the infamous Dutch invention called a ‘Bakfiets’ – a bicycle with a wooden box where little children can safely sit and enjoy the ride! Prices start from € 7.50.

  • Farmer’s golf and ‘klootschieten’

A fan of golf? Then why not head out to the open fields and play a unique round of farmer’s golf – mind the cows though! Or you can take a shot at ‘klootschieten’; a traditional Dutch ball game where participants try to throw a ball (the kloot) as far as they can. €5 p.p.

Outdoor funOutdoor fun

  • Petting and cuddle corner
  • Hay! Hay! Play barn 
  • Tractor-tyre tower 
  • Go-karting 
  • Trampolines
  • Swings 
  • Sand-pit 
  • Toddler playground 
  • Football field