Organic, obviously!Organic, obviously!

Is this delicious organic ice cream really made from the milk of these cows? You bet! Everyday you’ll find Farmer Barend busy beavering away in his ice cream parlor and off course is taking care of the cows who supply the parlor with their milk. Farmer's wife Tineke likes to spend her time with your mini-farmers showing them how to make sumptuous custard from fresh milk and eggs. And that’s not all because here you can enjoy fresh organic milk produced from their beautiful cows too.

There is always a healthy and happy buzz around FarmCamps Hoeve Sonneclaer. Besides the cows, you’ll discover wooly Hungarian Mangalista pigs, four ponies, plenty of chickens, rabbits, sheep and goats. Every day you can join Farmer Gerard to bring the cows home to milk and don’t be surprised if you see a young calf out to pasture because that’s how it’s done on organic farms!

If you fancy something more than just the array of animals here, then you can also go karting and play in the Hay! Hay! Play Barn.

Farmyard furriesFarmyard furries

  • 100 cows and calves 
  • Odet and Polly the ponies 
  • Senna the farm dog 
  • Jet & Ted the wooly pigs 
  • Sheep and goats 
  • Bunnies and cats 
  • Plenty of chickens

Farmyard frillsFarmyard frills

  • Help farmer Barend
  • Ice cream parlor
  • A ride on the farm wagon 
  • Sand pit & water playground 
  • Farmers golf in open countryside 
  • A cool tractor tyre climbing tower 
  • Many playgrounds and nearby forest

Review Kroonstuiver familyReview Kroonstuiver family

“Fantastic! The feeling of freedom, peace and quiet and enjoying nature!”