My home from homeMy home from home

Experience extraordinary wilderness deep in the heart of the Dutch bulb growing region and surrounded by open meadows and dykes. The beach is a short 10 km away and did you know that together with Texel, this area has the most amount of sunshine in The Netherlands?

At FarmCamps Fleur Stables you can choose from one of our 9 luxury, fully equipped Safari Tents including a private toilet. Showers are in the nearby heated bathing facilities.

Glamping in Noord-HollandGlamping in Noord-Holland

This Farm Camps farm is located on a quiet road along a beautiful canal which you can swim in or sail along. Around the farm, you’ll gaze at the cows and sheep grazing or watch Farmer Jan plough and mow his fields on his tractor.

The luxurious tents are divided over two separate fields. The 8 luxurious safari tents are nicely pitched on a small stretch of field with lots of trees and bushes bordering a ditch, more commonly recognised as a small farmer’s waterway (fenced off hence child safe).

On the other side of this ‘ditch’ is the field with 6 luxurious ranch tents. These tents are pitched a great distance from each other creating both privacy and space for the Hay Bath trailer next to each tent. This farm also has 3 emplacements available for private campers.