Oh I do like to be beside the seaside - the Zeeland sea!"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside" - the Zeeland sea!

This former arable farm from Farmer Jan and his wife Ella now turns it’s hand to all things equine, together with a ‘nature education center’. No longer a working farm, FarmCamps Five Star looks to teach your mini-farmers in a fun and enjoyable way about agriculture and farm life. Ella for example will show the kids how to make their own chips (and of course they can eat them too), while Farmer Jan will happily treat you to a "Strandjuttertje” at the weekly campfire evening.

What farm would be complete without a few furries? Here your mini-farmers can help to care for the stunning Blonde d'Aquitaine beef cattle, ponies, the mini-pigs Knorrie and Porrie and many chickens, cats and rabbits.

Kids are free and safe to stroll around here and if it’s bad weather then just try stopping them from jumping around in the ‘Farmers Ball Pit’! All this and more is waiting for you and it’s all less than 5km from the delightful Banjaard beach and Veerse lake.

Farmyard furriesFarmyard furries

  • Bliksem the Shetland pony and Matje the Appaloosa horse
  • Gino and Aminga the miniature horses 
  • Fjord horses Mona and Polly
  • Welsh cob ponies Dusty and Spirit
  • Blonde d'Aquitaine beef cattle 
  • Knorrie and Porrie the pigs 
  • Paul and Paulientje the peacocks 
  • Rocky and Astor the farm dogs
  • Lots of bunnies and cats 
  • Chickens and roosters

Farmyard frillsFarmyard frills

  • Pony rides 
  • Make your own chips with Farmer’s wife Ella 
  • Care for your own pony 
  • Feed the small animals 
  • Large indoor play area 
  • Very welcoming and educational farm 
  • Typical Dutch polder landscape 
  • Close to the sea and Veerse lake 
  • Near to the fascinating Delta Works

Review Weckhuyzen familyReview Weckhuyzen family

"A delightful and very relaxing place. We took our daughter of 9 and our son of 2.5 years. They had the time of their lives! The indoor play area is a must! The farmer, his wife and their kids are great! Our children were involved in everything! We are definitely going back next year! "