Not a moment’s boredom!Not a moment’s boredom!

Watching other families enjoy themselves here shows us how few leave the farm since there is so much to see and do. Here the kids are in their element and don’t have time to get bored! That´s why the parents are having a great time too.

But if you do want to explore what´s nearby then the ‘Achterhoek’ region has something for everyone. Discover medieval villages, ancient castles, beautiful forests, wineries and much more. A little Southern Europe in The Netherlands!

Splashing aroundSplashing around

  • Het Elderink swimming pool

For a bit of fun swimming then you do not need to go far! Located in the village, this outdoor facility boast two large pools, a separate toddler pool, a large water slide and chute, diving boards, grassy lawns and lots of play areas.

  • Stroombroek natural swimming pool

Located in Braamt, just 15km from the farm, this stunning outdoor swimming and recreation area offers not just relaxation and sunbathing but also water skiing, wakeboarding and a delightful restaurant and terrace with beautiful views.

  • De Brink swimming pool

Even if the weather is not on your side you can still enjoy a pleasant swim at De Brink swimming pool. Zelhelm is near the farm and here you will find an indoor pool with a large water slide, a separate paddling pool with fun water toys and whirlpool for Mum and Dad!

Playing paradisePlaying paradise

  • The Land of Punch

The biggest amusement park in the ‘Achterhoek’ region is full of traditional games and amusements for children. Naturally, everything revolves around the famous puppet show, Punch and Judy. Here the kids can spend hours of fun playing both in- and outdoors. There is a large water playground, a turbo slide, gnome train and of course puppet shows!

  • Achterhoek climbing park

Located in Ruurlo, this adventure forest expands your horizons and gets the adrenaline flowing! Here you will find no less than 6 different climbing adventures and approximately 100 different transitions, increasing in difficulty and heights. Behind every tree there lurks a new surprise! There is also a special junior rope course for children from 7 years.

  • Megapret 

Megapret is mega fun! Located in Lievelde this fabulous, family-friendly park is great in all weathers. Here you experience both in- and outdoor fun, water fun and golf fun – in fact - mega fun! During the summer the water playground is open and with 25 water fountains and chutes it is the largest spray park in The Netherlands! 


  • Ruurlo maze

This beautifully restored outdoor maze in the neighbourhood of Ruurlo has been in the Guinness Book of Records as the greatest outdoor maze in the world since 1996.  

  • Kabouterpad Ruurlo

Close to Ruurlo maze is a great little route for small kids from 2-6 years. The route is about 1.5 km long, working its way through a forest plotted with little gnome cottages along the way. At each cottage you can read a story and in between the cottages the kids can play and discover. After the course enjoy a delicious pancake at The Heijkamp.

  • Burgers' Zoo

Within half an hours drive you’ll find Burgers Zoo. Go out on a discovery through the Malayan Tropical Rainforest where you can spot the tigers or take a closer look at the elephants, rhinos and meerkats.

  • Berkelzomp

Would you like to experience something unique? How about a boat trip on the zomp, an historical type of sailing vessel dating back to between 1670 and 1925. De Berkel in the village of Almen offers you the opportunity to enjoy the views from the ship whilst the skipper tells all kinds of tales.


  • The Eight Castles Route, Vorden

Vorden is famous because of its eight castles, the best way to see them is by bike or car as the route is about 34km long. Of all the castles, Vorden is the only one you can also visit inside.

  • Bronckhorst

Bronckhorst, the smallest town in The Netherlands, is known for its traditional farm cottages. The narrow cobbled streets and terraces are really beautiful and make it an attractive town to visit. There is always something to do and see. 

  • Museum MORE in Ruurlo Castle

Museum MORE (museum for modern realism) in Ruurlo Castle is situated in a magnificent historic 14th century castle. The combination of art, history, architecture and the stunning surrounding nature will make sure this is a memorable experience.

  • Duckstoer

If you want to explore the Achterhoek region in truly unique way, then rent a Citroen 2CV from Duckstoer. Whether you go out with just the family or with a whole group, fun always guaranteed in these classic Citroen 2CV cars.