Finding out is fun!Finding out is fun!

No farm adventure would be complete without learning a thing or two from the professionals. Farmer Huub and his wife Martine take this very personally! So you can expect to learn all about how to grow their crops but also how to use that knowledge in your own kitchen garden back at your tent. Naturally the farmyard furries need your help too so expect to take care of chickens and rabbits together with the donkey and the pony too – you can also expect a short ride from time to time if you like!

When it comes to play – the rules are: there are no rules!!! Here you’ll find go-karting, motocross and trampolines. Or you can play in the water and sand pits; roll around in the Hay-Hay! Play Barn or even a game of football with your new friends – everything is allowed!

Farmer’s PassportFarmer’s Passport

During check-in all children are offered a Farmer’s Passport from FarmCamps. These are loaded with fun and educational activities which they can do independently or together with their farmer. Your mini-farmers can discover and experience real life on a farm.

For each completed task they will receive a stamp in their Farmer’s Passport. When their work is done they will graduate with their own farmhand diploma!

Farm ToursFarm Tours

During your stay Farmer Huub will show you the ropes with a guided tour of the farm. He will share with you the pleasure they get from working the land.

Experience this unique chance to go where only farmers dare to go and soak up the special stories they´ll share with you about the farm they love and care for.

Rubbing shoulders with the farmersRubbing shoulders with the farmers

  • Creative time with the Farmers’ Wife

In this creative workshop, Martine will show you how to make a ‘grass doll’ from grass seed, soil and a pair of tights! When you give your doll water then his/her hair will grow! Sometimes Martine can also show you how to make ‘Dutch apple syrup’ a smooth, rich and sweet tasting syrup made entirely from apples. € 5.50 p.p.

  • Farmers on tour!

Hitch a ride on the tractor wagon with Farmer Huub who will show the delightful local landscape through the low lands down to the Westerschelde coastline. Big Farmers € 6, Mini-Farmers € 4.

  • Treasure Hunt

Hidden around the farm yard are Martine’s special clues to send you on an exciting treasure hunt. See if you can be the one to find all the answers!

Rubbing shoulders with each otherRubbing shoulders with each other

  • Cycling

You can hire bikes from the farm and take a delightful ride through the local countryside or to the Westerschelde coastline. Children’s bikes are of course also available to rent together with bike trailers. Prices start from € 7.50 per day.

  • Fishing

A few hundred meters away and you’ll find a large fishing lake so don’t forget to pack your rod! Otherwise you can always pop along to the farm shop and buy one.

Outdoor fun!Outdoor fun!

  • Petting and cuddle corner
  • Hay-Hay! Play barn
  • Tractor-tyre tower
  • BMX track
  • Football field
  • Indoor play and recreation area
  • Go-karts
  • Trampolines 
  • Water and sand pit
  • Swings
  • Toddler play area