FarmCamps De Geele Bosch
Oldeholtwolde, Friesland

My home from homeMy home from home

De Geele Bosch is pure nature at its best, offering uninterrupted views over the meadows in this beautiful Frysian landscape. The small Tjonger canal a few hundred metres from the farm is perfect for fishing and watching the boats go by. The luxurious Safari tents border our own adventure forest.

Choose from one of our 11 luxury, fully equipped Safari Tents including a private toilet. Showers are in the nearby heated bathing facilities.

Glamping in FrieslandGlamping in Friesland

This FarmCamps farm is situated on a quiet road, surrounded by open pastures and fields. There is also a nearby field with 15 plots for those who bring their own camping equipment. A short walk away and you’ll discover the ‘Tjonger’, a canal where swimming and sailing is also possible.

The 11 luxury Safari Tents are on a large field adjacent to the adventure forest. In the middle of the field your mini-farmers can entertain themselves splashing around at the water playground or bouncing around at the playground while you relax in a chair watching. In the evening you’ll relax together and enjoy a campfire. Glamping heaven!

On this farm you have the option to bring your own camping equipment