FarmCamps De Geele Bosch
Oldeholtwolde, Friesland

Are you a fan of Friesland?Are you a fan of Friesland?

Meet Farmer Bill, his wife Ella and their son Michel. Together, they moved into this beautiful Frisian farm at beginning of 2017. In addition to their farm, they also started a small horse livery and stables.

On their old farm, they kept over 300 dairy cows and calves but with the move to FarmCamps De Geele Bosch, they decided to take things a little bit more slowly. But that really didn’t happen! They just cannot sit still! Now Farmer Bill runs this young farm where he keeps around 40 dairy cows and calves. The young cows arrive at De Geele Bosch when they are around 4 months old and leave again when they are pregnant with their first calf. So, in fact, no cows are actually milked here but there is still plenty to see and do. Farmer Bill also spends a lot of time on his hobby: horses! And there something here just for your mini-farmers. Meet Elske: a sweet and cuddly pony that your mini-farmers can take care of, and of course, take a short ride on too!

Farmer’s Wife Ella is a busy bee and very creative. As your hostess, she will make sure that you want for nothing and she loves to organize fun activities for your mini-farmers (and you too!). Their son Michel is still going to school during the day, but in the evenings and weekends you will certainly find him helping out on the farm.

Their farmhouse is situated in a beautiful and peaceful spot in the heart of Friesland (or as the locals say ‘Fryslân’). An exciting adventure forest on-site keeps your mini-farmers playing for hours where they can also gather wood for the camp fire or build wooden huts. But if you do want to discover the local environment then in Terherne, near Lake Sneekermeer, you can discover the characters from the famous Dutch children’s fiction series called ‘De Kamleon’ (The Chameleon). Take a boat and sail out to the Chameleon Adventure Island where children can relive the adventures of characters like Gerben, Hielke and Sietske. Friesland also offers stunning lakes and canals and lots more to see and do.

Farmyard furriesFarmyard furries

  • About 40 calves and young cows
  • Lotte the donkey
  • 2 horses and ponies to cuddle
  • Kwak the dwarf goat
  • Gimli the farm dog
  • Watch lambs being born
  • Bunnies and cats
  • Chickens

Farmyard frillsFarmyard frills

  • Thrilling on-site adventure forest
  • Feed the calves their bottles
  • Beautiful farm yard terrace
  • A ride on the farm wagon
  • Splashing around in an open paddling pool
  • Nearby Frisian lakes

Review van Van der AvoirdReview van Van der Avoird

“Fantastic!! My sister and I spent a week with 4 children with the Ros family. We all enjoyed it thoroughly!!”