Which comes first: the chicken or the egg?Which comes first: the chicken or the egg?

The answer to this question probably lies with Farmer Gerrit and his wife Thea on their delightful small-scale organic farm in Twente. While hundreds of chickens scurry around outside, your mini-farmers will be busy helping Farmer Gerrit stamping and packing their eggs. Such hard work is of course rewarded when your mini-farmer gathers their own farm-fresh egg!

There’s plenty to cuddle here too including four mini-donkeys, goats, rabbits and kittens, while mum and dad take a moment to relax and enjoy some local delicacies from Twente out on the farm terrace. If the weather isn’t playing ball then your mini-farmers will love the enormous indoor play barn or they can do a spot of carpentry with Farmer Gerrit.

It isn’t just fabulous here in summer either! Why not visit in winter and stay in one of our cozy and warm BedStay apartments? Christmas on the farm comes highly recommended!

Farmyard furriesFarmyard furries

  • 3500 brown hens
  • Bruno, Bibi and Kitty the donkeys
  • 4 adorable mini-donkeys!
  • Juno the farm dog
  • Mini-goats
  • Bunnies
  • Lots of cats and kittens

Farmyard frillsFarmyard frills

  • Get stuck in together with Farmer Gerrit
  • Large indoor play barn
  • Looking after the mini-donkeys
  • Arts & Crafts barn
  • Go-karts and farmers golf
  • Organic farm shop
  • Farmer’s café with outdoor terrace
  • A trip to the forest on Farmer Gerrit’s wagon
  • Open in winter too

Review Dalebout familyReview Dalebout family

"We spent a lovely Whitsun weekend here. What an idyllic setting and so cozy staying on Farmer Gerrit and his wife Thea’s farm. And those chickens are so great! I had no idea the children would find it so fascinating to see a hen laying an egg! I was a little worried that the chickens might smell and would make a lot of noise, but that is not so at all. We will definitely be back again. "