My home from homeMy home from home

Between Goirle and the Belgian border is a large, enchanting forest and this delightful livery is only 300 meters away, just outside of Goirle itself.

At FarmCamps Breehees you you can choose from one of our 20 luxury tents. How about our Safari tent which has its own toilet (you can take a shower in the bathing facilities nearby)? Or maybe you prefer the Ranch tent which comes with its own unique ‘Hay! Hay! Bathroom Trailer’? Or perhaps the luxury Lodge tent is your choice because it comes with its own private bathroom? It’s all luxury… now all you have to do is choose!

Glamping in Noord BrabantGlamping in Noord Brabant

This FarmCamps farm is located on a quiet road and is surrounded by pastures, corn fields and other nearby farms. Within walking distance you discover a beautiful forest with lovely little lakes and a stunning stately home.

The 8 luxury Safari Tents tents are on a private field next to the paddock, adjacent to the road to the forest. The tents are easily accessible via a wheelchair and buggy-friendly path. The other 12 luxurious tents are located on a large and well maintained field where most tents are overlooking the horse meadow.

The place also offers space for any guests who wish to bring their own camping equipment. Additionally, there are 5 luxury apartments available to rent for 8, 10 or up to 12 people.