FarmCamps Vorstenbosch
Vorstenbosch, Noord-Brabant

Who walks the alpaca at FarmCamps Vorstenbosch?Who walks the alpaca at FarmCamps Vorstenbosch?

While staying on the farm of farmers Willem-Mathijs, Anne and their two kids Evi and Nina, you will become familiar with the miraculous world of the alpaca. For many years Anne’s parents ran a dairy farm here until Anne and Willem-Mathijs decided to fully focus on alpaca’s only; quite different from cows! Willem-Mathijs even proposed to Anne at an alpaca show and she said ‘yes!’

Over the years the herd grew to 45 alpacas and this has continued to expand annually by another 15 foals. As alpacas give birth from May till August there is a huge chance that you may get to witness a birth. How cool would that be?!

The alpaca’s here are being pampered like movie stars. They are the center of attention during the alpaca-walk or the alpaca meet & greet. Did you know that alpacas are kept for their super soft wool? The shearing of all the alpacas takes place in May. This wool is used to make lovely warm duvets. The leftover wool is processed into yarn and then sold for hand spinning.

Despite their cute faces and fluffy fur alpacas aren’t necessarily cuddly animals. However, they are very curious and like to eat from your palm. While they eat you can gently stroke their woolly fur or carefully take a selfie with your favorite alpaca. Since children aren’t quite so tall, alpaca’s prefer them over adults.

It goes without saying there is much more to see and do on this farm than alpacas alone. Race go-karts on the farmyard, cuddle the guinea pigs, build huts in the Hay Hay barn or perform tricks on the trampoline. All of this entertainment along with the popular alpacas, is the perfect mix for a great holiday. So “all paca your bags” and off we go to FarmCamps Vorstenbosch!

Farmyard FurriesFarmyard Furries

  • 45 alpacas (Adele, Pink, Bono, Amadeus, Chris Martin, Viktor, Lilly, Ginny, Tarvos and many more)
  • Cute guinea pigs
  • Chickens
  • 4 gorgeous farm cats

Farmyard FrillsFarmyard Frills

  • Feed the alpacas
  • Alpaca wool crafting
  • Walk with alpacas
  • Near “de Maashorst” nature reserve
  • Cozy alpaca bar with terrace
  • Hay Hay play barn
  • Go-karts

Review Evers FamililyReview Evers Familily

"We had a great time. Our 2 eldest daughters enjoyed themselves very much on the trampolines, go-karts and in the sandbox. In the meantime we could rest on the cozy terrace of the Alpaca bar or in the hammock at the tent. Highly recommended for families with kids and animal lovers! We are already looking forward to our next FarmCamps vacation."