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Go on a holiday & discover The Netherlands with FarmCampsGo on a holiday & discover The Netherlands with FarmCamps

What The Netherlands may lack in size it certainly makes up for in its variety of unforgettable places to enjoy a relaxing holiday. So even if you haven’t been here long or you are struggling to find somewhere new and interesting to spend your free time, then FarmCamps are here to help.

An unforgettable holiday experience jam-packed with fun!An unforgettable holiday experience jam-packed with fun!

At FarmCamps you will escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and instead find yourself relaxing and enjoying quality time with each other at one of our unique farms!

The Netherlands is proud of its farming industry; where else do those delicious potatoes, endives, kale and mile come from? And what about all those stunning flowers? At FarmCamps you and your children can learn all about how important farms are and what exactly Dutch farmers do.

Let the change of pace take you on an adventure with the Farmer, get to know the animals, play in the Hay! Hay! Play barn or splash around in the water playground – everything is fun when you do it together on the farm!

Whether you take a trip with family, friends or some of your favourite colleagues, you will all be amazed at our luxury tents, Choose from the Safari-, Farm-, Ranch-, Lodge- or Barn tents. We take glamping to the extreme!

The best family days out in The NetherlandsThe best family days out in The Netherlands

Some say we are a small but very pleasant country, and we are proud to say we are. But don’t underestimate us, there is a whole selection of fun things to do and explore here in The Netherlands.

  • The Efteling Theme Park

Discover a world of miracles! You can’t have a trip to The Netherlands without a visit to the Efteling theme park. Here is where fairy tale dreams come true for young and old and this enchanting park has it all. After a day of fun, laughter, magic and surprise you can rest peacefully at FarmCamps De Smulhoeve (just a stone’s throw away) or FarmCamps De Breehees (20 minutes by car).

      • Museums

The Netherlands offers a rich history and culture to explore through its wide variety of museums and galleries. The famous museums in Amsterdam are always fun to explore, but don’t miss out on the Zuiderzee museum near FarmCamps Fleur Stables which is devoted to preserving the cultural heritage and maritime history from the old Zuiderzee region. The Maritime Museum in Rotterdam near FarmCamps Stolkse Weide is dedicated to emploring six centuries of Dutch maritime history. Maybe you are curious to see where the Ducth Royal family have lived? Then you should visit the opulent Palace 't Loo in Apeldoorn, close to FarmCamps Den Branderhorst. Want to discover more?

  • Kinderdijk (UNESCO World Heritage) 

This UNESCO World Heritage site is a must-see for all. Kinderdijk transports you back in time through Dutch history. In The Netherlands, everything sits below sea level so for centuries the Dutch have been masters at water management and wind energy. The traditional Dutch windmills and waterways at Kinderdijk tell their own story of the ‘Low Countries’. FarmCamps Stolkse Weide, Op Flakkee, De Smulhoeve and De Breehees are all located nearby for your luxurious holiday on the farm.

  • Keukenhof 

Between March and May every year a magnificent burst of vibrant colour and natural beauty spring to life at the Keukenhof. If you are a keen gardener, or enjoy walks through stunning parks, then you simply cannot miss the Keukenhof. With more than 7 million flower bulbs in bloom and over 800 different kinds of tulips on display this park bathes you in inspiration for your own gardens back home. There is also plenty of fun for the kids with scavenger hunts, a petting farm, a maze and playground. FarmCamps Op Flakkee, Stolkse Weide, 't Oortjeshek and Fleur Stables are within a 1-hour drive of the Keukenhof. Something for everyone!

  • Zaanse Schans

Relive the 18th and 19th century! Take a walk through this outdoor museum and visit the bakery, clog factory, cheese shop and more; just as they were hundreds of years ago. You can even climb up inside a real Dutch windmill! If you fancy being a bit more active then why not take a bicycle ride or boat trip to the pancake restaurant? FarmCamps' t Oortjeshek and Fleur Stables are within a 1-hour drive of the Zaanse Schans. Which one will you choose?

  • Valkenburg & Maastricht Caves

The Netherlands has a long and rich history, which even includes caves and castles. In the hills surrounding Valkenburg and Maastricht there are several castles, old farms and monasteries you can explore. And do not forget about the unique, age-old underground marl corridor system that stretches for 250 kilometers! FarmCamps De Verloren and BoeBaDoe are both located in beautiful Limburg and are the ideal location for a day out.

  • De Veluwe

Picture yourself amongst shifting sands, beautiful forests, vast moors with herds of sheep and natural flowing springs - that's the Veluwe! The ideal spot for long walks, bike rides or relaxing picnics. Here you can also spot the Dutch ‘big five’ in wildlife; red deer, wild boar, roe deer, badger and fox. You might even spot one on the farm!

Good to knowGood to know

  • School holidays

The Dutch divide their school holidays into three different regions; north, central and south. As a result, Dutch schools are never all on holiday at the same time, meaning holiday hotspots are less crowded. However, the main school holidays are:

  • Spring break (generally 1 week)
  • May holidays (1 or 2 weeks, differs per school)
  • Summer holidays (6 weeks)
  • Autumn holidays (1 week)
  • Christmas holiday (2 weeks) 

National holidays

Like any other country, The Netherlands has a number of national holidays. Some dates differ per year such as Easter and Pentecost. Not every school or employer honours all holidays but the following are mandatory:

  • New Year's Day – January 1st 2019
  • Good Friday - March 19th 2019 (Friday before Easter)
  • Easter Sunday and Easter Monday - 21st and 22nd April 2019
  • Kings Day - April 27th 2019
  • Liberation Day - May 5th 2019
  • Ascension Day - May 30th 2019
  • 1st Pentecost and 2nd Pentecost - 9th and 10st May 2019 (49th day after Easter)
  • Christmas Day and Boxing Day - 25th and 26th December 2019
  • New Year’s Eve – 31st December 2019

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