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FarmCamps includes information on their website that is taken from third parties, for example tourist attractions and events, points of interest and information provided by the farmer (including tips). It is possible that the availability, accuracy and timeliness of the third party information are not always 100% correct.

Technical availability

FarmCamps strives for optimum use and availability of their website. If you discover a technical fault you can be sure FarmCamps will correct it as a soon as possible.

General Terms and Conditions

All those who offer their accommodation to rent via this website are subject to FarmCamps general terms and conditions. The full terms and conditions can be read or downloaded and our range of services and products are subject to Dutch law.

Geo maps

The FarmCamps website uses Google Maps software to show you the location of the farm and interesting points in the local area. These maps serve as a guideline only. When available, always read the description of the location and the farm itself. The exact address of the farm is only made available once you receive your reservation documents. Google Maps is a free third party software and despite all due care, FarmCamps cannot influence the accuracy of the maps, nor the content contained within the software.

Web partners and affiliations

FarmCamps share Farm information with third parties for the display of these farms on third party websites. In these cases, the handling of the reservation is through FarmCamps. FarmCamps however, has no influence over third party websites. If you spot something amiss, please let us know and we will contact the third party to try to resolve it.

Additional services

FarmCamps promotes third party services and products on its website. Despite due diligence, FarmCamps has no influence on the content of neither third party websites, nor the quality and accuracy of their products and services.

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