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FarmCamps customer serviceFarmCamps customer service

Our Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00 on 0031 (0) 88 888 91 88. If you prefer to email us then please send your query to We promise to answer you as soon as possible.

Have you already checked our FAQs? You might find the answer to your question there. Below you can see a list of the main categories covered. Select the right category and check if your question is covered already.

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If your question is not included in our FAQs then please contact us from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00 on 0031 (0) 88 888 91 88. If you prefer to email us then please send your query to We promise to answer you as soon as possible (during the week that is within 48 hours).

Reservations and payments

Reservations and paymentsReservations and payments

Are the prices shown including VAT?
Yes, all prices shown are including VAT.

How do I book my FarmCamps holiday?

1) Select a farm and your preferred choice of accommodation.

2) Select the desired date of arrival, party details and duration of your stay.

3) Select, if you wish, additional bookable services (such as towel bundle, baby bundle and farm activities). These can also be arranged when on the farm.

4) Enter your personal details and add specifics if any.

5) Pay for (first installment) your holiday.

6) Once your booking is complete you will receive confirmation from us!

Which payment methods can I use for my FarmCamps holiday?
With FarmCamps you can pay with Visa or Mastercard. We do accept some Belgian or German online payment services.

Can I pay in installments?

  • Yes, you can. When reserving your Safari tent you can choose to pay in 2 installments. You will be asked to pay the first part (50 %) immediately upon reservation. The remaining 50% will need to be settled up to 10 weeks before your arrival.
  • You can also choose to pay the full price immediately upon reservation.
  • If you make a reservation within 10 weeks prior to your arrival, you will be asked to pay the full price upon reservation, installment payments will not be allowed.

I am trying to reserve my FarmCamps holiday online but it is not working, please can you help?
Of course! We are happy to help you. Please call us during business hours on 088 888 9188. Alternatively, you can ping us a message through the website and we’ll contact you ASAP. Click here.

I want to make a change to my reservation, how can I do this?
If you would like to add a product or service to your reservation, for example Breakfast-in-Tent or our tent cleaning service, you can do this through accessing ‘My FarmCamps’. Each change in your booking will incur a fee of €32.50. Alternatively please call us during business hours on 088 888 9188 or ping us a message through the website (including your reservation number) and we’ll contact you ASAP. Click here.

Do I have to pay a cleaning fee?

No one feels like cleaning a tent at the end of their holiday which is why the farmers are happy to do this for you. There is a small charge which is €20.00 for a tent without a bathroom and €30.00 for a tent with a bathroom (or a bathroom next to it). However you should always leave the tent tidy, complete with all its contents and in good condition. Before departure please ensure you have stripped the beds, done the washing up and removed the rubbish from the tent. 

When is there an official agreement in place?
An official agreement between yourself and FarmCamps with respect to the rental of your tent occurs when (i) you have agreed to the general terms and conditions of your reservation and (ii), you have paid in full or in part for your reservation via telephone or via

Do I have the right to withdraw my reservation?
At the point that there is an official agreement in place then there is no right to withdraw the reservation –  the so-called ‘cooling off’ period does not apply here. 

Can I cancel my holiday?
It is possible you need to cancel your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case you must notify FarmCamps via email or telephone (during office hours). Cancellations will in many cases involve additional costs. If you need to cancel your holiday you are liable to forfeit the following amounts depending on the timing of your cancellation (including reservation charges): (i) if you cancel within 40 days of your arrival date: 100% of the total cost of your holiday; (ii) if you cancel more than 40 days prior to your arrival date: 50% of the total cost of your holiday; (iii) last minute cancellation will result in 100% of total cost of your holiday. FarmCamps, where appropriate, will arrange a refund to a bank account specified by you within two weeks of the cancellation date.

You can also select to change the dates of your holiday. This can be done only if the holiday will not start within 4 weeks of notifying us. The charge for this is €32.50.

Can we include activities according to our own needs and wishes?
It is possible to book an entire FarmCamps location for a family or friends reunion for example. We would be happy to provide you with a proposal for customized activities in consultation with the site farmers. If you are interested in reserving an entire FarmCamps location then we advise you to contact our reservations department where we will be happy to work together with you to discuss your specific requirements.
Click here to contact us.

Are gas, water and electricity included in the price?
Yes! The use of gas, water and electricity is included in the price.

What else is included in the price?
The rental cost for our luxurious tents includes a rather handy housekeeping kit, a guided tour of the farm and Farmer’s Passports for your mini-farmers. 

Can I bring my own caravan, trailer or tent?

  • It is only possible to reserve our luxurious tents through FarmCamps. Some FarmCamps farms do offer campsite pitches to rent. You need to contact the farm directly to enquire further on this.


Farm activities, including services and outdoor play

Farm activities, including services and outdoor playFarm activities, including services and outdoor play

How old do my mini-farmers need to be to take part in farm activities?

  • Children of 6 years or older can participate in almost all FarmCamps activities (unless otherwise indicated).
  • Children under 6 years can also take part in the activities, but FarmCamps requests this be done under the supervision of an accompanying member who is 13 years or older. 

If I do not book in advance, can I still guarantee participation in farm activities?

  • Some farm activities have a minimum or maximum number of participants. To guarantee your spot, we always recommend booking online prior to arrival.
  • All mini-farmers receive a Farmer’s Passport upon arrival, and a Farmer’s Diploma upon departure – these do not need to be reserved. Some farm activities are free. 

Is it possible to include multiple free farm activities to my reservation and if so, are any costs incurred?
Free activities and services will be offered only once during your FarmCamps holiday.

When and where will farm activities take place during our stay?
Upon arrival, the farmer and his wife will inform you of the schedule for activities during your stay. Times and locations are subject to change depending on the onsite farming that is required. You can also consult the activity board, located at a central point on each farm, to keep up to date with time and locations during your stay.

Are there washer and dryer facilities on site?
All FarmCamps farms are equipped with washing machines. Several locations also include dryers. There are no extra charges to use these facilities.

Are there charging points for my electric bike?
FarmCamps Farm De Geele Bosch offers a charging point for electric bikes.

Is it possible to pay for extra activities with credit or debit card onsite?
Some FarmCamps farms offer debit payment facilities. For those that do not, please pay the farmer in cash (local cash points are indicated in the information pack upon arrival). Please note: credit card payments are not accepted on any FarmCamps farms.

Are FarmCamps holidays suitable for people with disabilities?

  • FarmCamps farms are currently not suitable for physically disabled people who require wheelchairs.
  • Developmentally disabled children and adults may of course take part in all farm activities, under supervision where appropriate.
  • FarmCamps farms are very suitable for children who attend special needs schools or who are eligible for weekend care through care subsidiaries. If the child is usually under supervision then we advise their care giver also joins the holiday. FarmCamps farmers are not qualified to care for children with special needs though they are especially welcome on all our farms. 

What farm activities are available?
Every FarmCamps farm is unique and runs its own program. However, the following are standard activities available at all locations: Farmers on tour (around the farm), Farmer’s table (meet and greet with coffee & tea), Get stuck in with the Farmer and Mini-Farmer diplomas.

What farm services are available?

  • Every FarmCamps farm is unique and runs its own program of services. However, the following are standard services available at all locations: Farmers BBQ, towel bundles and a baby bundles.
  • All FarmCamps farms run a small farm shop where you can grab a bite to eat or drink. You can also order your delicious Breakfast in Tent.

Does every FarmCamp have the same playground facilities?

  • Every FarmCamps farm has its own play equipment and area(s) including a toddler playground, go-karts and various swings and bouncy castles.
  • In addition, some farms also offer ‘Hay! Hay! Playbarns’, outdoor paddling pools, tractor tyre climbing towers or a Farmer’s Assault Course.
  • Every FarmCamps farm also features a petting zoo and a cuddle corner. 

Does every FarmCamp have the same sport facilities?
Every FarmCamps farm has its own sport facilities. These range from farmer's golf, curling, table tennis, volleyball, canoeing, kite flying, fishing and football.

How do I find a FarmCamps farm with all the activities, services, sports and play facilities which best suit me?
The easiest way to do this is to go to the main menu on our website and select ‘Our Farms’. You can use our filter options on the left as per your requirements. Once you have done this, the computer will do the hard work for you and show you all the relevant options. Of course, you can also call and ask us to do this for you on 088 888 9188. Alternatively you can ping us a message through the website and we’ll contact you ASAP. Click here.


FarmCamps Accomodations - Luxury Tents

FarmCamps Accomodations - Luxury TentsFarmCamps Accomodations - Luxury Tents

Do the luxury tents have electricity?
Yes, the tent has a lamp in each room and there is a power outlet. Of course this is included in the price.

Are there electricity sockets in the luxury tents?
Yes. There are multiple sockets in both the tents.

Do the luxury tents have a toilet?
Yes, all tents have a toilet. 

Is there a shower or bath in the tent?

  • The Safari tent does not have a bath or shower. You can use the heated bathing facilities on site. The same applies to the BedStays. 
  • The Ranch tent has the Hay! Hay! Bathroom Trailer next to the tent. This is a horse trailer that has been specially transformed into a private luxury bathroom with bathtub and shower.
  • The Lodge tent has a private bathroom including a shower, toilet and sink. 
  • The Barn tent has a private bathroom with a bathtub, shower, toilet and sink.

Is there a heater in the luxury tents?
Yes! All our luxury tents include heating. The Safari tent has one heater and the Ranch, Lodge and Barn tents have two heaters. The BedStays feature a wood burner that keeps you cozy and warm even in winter.

Should I bring my own kitchen equipment?
No, the kitchen is furnished with all the basics, such as pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. 

Can I cook in the luxury tents?
Yes you can. There is a stove with 4 gas burners and basic kitchen equipment. In addition your tent also has a small fridge. There is no oven or microwave in the tent.

Are there tea and coffee facilities in the tent?
All our luxury tents include an old fashioned kettle which you can use to boil water on the stove. You can use a coffee filter to make your coffee and a thermos to keep it warm. Electric kettles are not included as most farms do not have sufficient power supply for these.

There is also a small Lavazza espresso machine. For this machine, you need special Lavazza espresso capsules that you can purchase at the farm shop.

Should I bring my own bed linen?
No, the bedrooms are fully furnished with duvets and pillows, and bed linen will be waiting for you in the tent. The fee is €5.00 per person for the entire stay. Some farms also offer the Welcoming Bed service which means your beds are made before you arrive - ready for you to relax and enjoy. The fee for this is €5.00 per person.

Should I bring my own towels?
Towels are not included in the rental price. You can either bring your own or you can opt for the Towel Bundle package which is €4.00 and includes one large and one small, thick white towel. Perfect for leaving washing behind at the end of your holiday! 

Is the bed linen hypoallergenic?

Yes, the bed linen is hypoallergenic.

What kind of views can I expect?
Actually, you can book your preference! However, the farmer and his wife will need to allocate accommodation according to the size of the group, whether pets are included and any other preferences. All our tents are situated on spacious campsites, all within view of the play area, open fields and/or the farmyard.

What's in the games chest?

  • Family games for young and old. 
  • Outdoor toys. 
  • Toys to help discover the nature around you. 

Is smoking allowed in the luxury tents?
No, smoking is not permitted inside the Safari and Lodge tents. However, you may smoke outside the tent or at the main farmyard terrace.

Is Wi-Fi available?
Free Wi-Fi access is available on all our farms at the farm shop or on the main terrace. Some locations even have Wi-Fi in the tents (or offer this as an additional paid-for service).

Do the tents include a cot and a high chair?

  • No, the Safari tents have bunk beds for the children. 
  • The Lodge tents have twin beds and a ‘Hay House’ bunk. 
  • It is possible to order the ‘Baby Bundle’ which includes a high chair, cot and changing mat.


Preparing for your FarmCamps holiday

Preparing for your FarmCamps holidayPreparing for your FarmCamps holiday

Should I bring my own bedding?
No, all beds have duvets, pillows and bed linen.

Should I bring my own kitchen equipment?
No, all tents are equipped with a basic inventory of kitchen equipment.

Should I bring my own groceries?
On many FarmCamps farms there is a farm shop with a basic range of products; here you can pick up a few small bites or something to drink. Sometimes it is handy to bring your own kitchen condiments (like salt and pepper). Don’t worry if you forget because there is always a supermarket nearby. All the local supermarkets are detailed in the information pack you will find in your tent upon arrival.

Should I bring my own toilet paper?
No, toilet paper is free at FarmCamps farms.

What should I pack in case of bad weather?
If rain is predicted, then we recommend you pack wellies and a good rain coat for your mini-farmers especially. If cooler weather is forecasted then dressing with lots of layers is advised.

What else should I think about?
Bring torches – it is so much fun to explore the campsite and farmyard at night time! Also, sandwiches and marshmallows to toast on the campfire are always welcomed.

When can I check-in?
You can check-in on Mondays and Fridays from 15.00 onwards.

When can I check out?

  • Check-out on Mondays and Fridays is no later than 10.00.
  • If you have booked a short weekend, then you can check-out no later than 17.00 on Sunday.


Check-in and check-out

Check-in and check-outCheck-in and check-out

When can I check-in?
You can check-in on Mondays to Fridays between 15.00 and 19.00. If you will be arriving late please inform the farmer directly.

When can I check-out?
You can check-out on Mondays to Fridays before 10.00. If you have booked a short weekend then your check-out time is 17.00 on Sunday.


Pets and horses

Pets and horsesPets and horses

Can I bring a pet?
On most farms you can bring a pet. We have set aside a few 'pet-friendly tents' on each farm for this purpose. If you want to bring a pet then you should report this immediately during the reservation process. It is possible that in the period you have booked there are no 'pet-friendly tents' available. In this case you need to select a different period, different location or choose not to bring your pet. Due to infectious diseases not all types of pets are allowed to stay on the farm. If your pet is not a dog, please contact us so we can check if your pet is permitted on the farm.

Dogs must always be on a leash when on the farm. Additionally, you need to leave the farm to walk the dog as farm animals can become sick from ingesting dog feces. FarmCamps Branderhorst, BoeBaDoe, De Smulhoeve and Op de Beemd don't permit pets.

Are there any charges to bringing a pet?

If you bring a pet then there is a surcharge of €25.00 for each pet.

At FarmCamps Fleur Stables and Breehees you can bring your own horse. Please check availiability before you book your holiday. 


Visitors and overnight guests

Visitors and overnight guestsVisitors and overnight guests

Can we invite visitors during our stay?

  • Day visitors are welcome on FarmCamps farms at an extra cost. The fee varies per farm and is usually only a few euros per guest, per day.
  • Day visitors will need to sign in and out and you will need to pay for them before their arrival with the farmer. 

Can my visitors spend the night?
No, visitors are not allowed to spend the night.

Can visitors join in farm activities?

  • Yes, visitors can participate in the free program activities, so long as you have notified the farmer in advance. 
  • Visitors can also take part in paid farm activities if there is capacity. Please ask the farmer in advance and be sure to settle the bill.




We understand that things go wrong occasionally, so if you have a complaint about a FarmCamps service or something during your stay then please email us on We will respond in writing within 14 days. In the case of on the spot complaints, we will do our best to resolve them on the spot too. You'll find our full complaints procedure in our general terms and conditions. A complaint may also be made via our complaints form on a consumer site called A copy of your complaint will be sent to us and also to

If the complaint cannot be settled mutually within a reasonable period, or within 3 months after the complaint has been made then the complaint becomes a dispute and is therefore subject to arbitration rules.

Disputes can be lodged by both FarmCamps and the consumer and will be submitted to the Arbitration Committee Thuiswinkel, Postbus 90600, 2509 LP to Den Haag, The Netherlands (

Have we missed something?
If you still have any outstanding questions then please call us during business hours on 088 888 9188. Alternatively, you can ping us a message through the website and we’ll contact you ASAP. We can answer most questions within 48 hours.