An extra-long weekend for pure enjoyment!

Ascension Day with FarmCampsAscension Day with FarmCamps

There is plenty to do on the farm during Ascension: Play in the Hay! Hay! Play Barn; clamber about on the climbing tower made from tractor tires; milk the cows with the farmer or bake cookies and make ice cream with the farmer's wife. Together with your new friends you can discover every corner of the farm while Mum and Dad relax in the hammock or take a rest on the porch in front of their luxurious tent.

In 2021 Ascension Day falls on May 13th so go ahead and book your long weekend away today to guarantee your stay at one of our unique glamping farms.

Luxury and comfort

Camping is not 'cramping' when it comes to our luxurious tents. For those of you who are still new to camping, you won’t believe how comfortable it can be! And for those camping pros out there, why not try out ‘glamping’ and discover the difference a little luxury can make.

And it really does make a difference! All our tents have their own toilet together with heating, very comfortable beds and a kitchen with a gas stove and running water.

If you want something a little more comfortable, why not take a look at our tents with their own shower and / or bathtub?

What is Ascension Day?What is Ascension Day?

Ascension Day is celebrated in Christianity to commemorate the Ascension of Jesus into heaven. Ascension Day is traditionally celebrated on a Thursday, the 40th day of Easter and 10 days before Pentecost.

Fun fact: The earliest possible date for Ascension Day is April 30th and the last is June 3rd. Quite a difference!